What's NatiBot?

NatiBot is the ultimate interaction and backup tool for your second life.

What does it offer to me?

* A cool and easy to use interface.
* Allows you to move, talk, and interact with objects or other users in second life without opening the viewer, or even needing 3D graphics.
* You can use it to backup your objects, textures, inventory, or even, a whole sim.
* You can have your models in your shop for free, no need to pay more for more avatars, use up to two million, pay just one.
* More than one hundred commands to interact with second life.
* Get information about the second life world you did not ever known existed.
* Work in another grid, save your work, import it easily in official Linden Lab grid.
* Joke your friends, make the bot repeat everything they say, or follow them!
* Do a massive upload of all your textures, notecards, or any asset, without the typical crashes of the SecondLife Viewer.
* Multilanguage support, currently English, Spanish, Catalan and French.
* Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
* Compatible with Mac OS X and Linux.
* Direct support from the developers. Need a feature, just request it!

What's new?

Version 1.0 includes the following changes:

* Fully support of Mac OS X (PowerPC and Intel) and Linux (x86 and x86-64).
* Heavily optimized to use multicore or multiprocessor systems and take less memory.
* Added about, activaterole, addtorole, allowedlist, animations, attach, away, banlist, banuser, beam, busy, changelog, clienttags, clock, createclothing, createeyes, createlm, createskin, detectbots, downloadsound, ejectuser, endfriendship, gc, gesture, groupeject, groupmembers, grouproles, gsit, health, help2nc, informfriend, invitegroup, logout, lookat, memfree, nadu, netstats, offerfriendship, pick, playsound, quit, rezitem, searchclassifieds, searchgroups, searchland, searchpeople, searchplaces and sounds commands.
* Added avatars window. It works as a radar showing the avatar, genre, viewer, location and distance, along with most avatar-based commands.
* Added friends window. Allows to IM, remove, teleport or view profiles.
* Added groups window. Allows to chat, activate or leave.
* Added inventory window. Allows to wear, detach, copy id, delete, empty trash and lost & found.
* Added map window. Shows the map with all the avatars and allow TP to coordinates.
* All attach based commands now support unofficial attach places introduced by Emerald Viewer.
* animate command now can stop animations, show currently running ones, or list the system animations.
* avatarinfo now works with any avatar, be it in the sim or not.
* Chat window now can automatic translate incoming and outgoing chat and IMs.
* Chat window now recognizes teleports, inventory offers from objects, notices from groups, friendship and inventory.
* Chat window now supports using another channel (/<channel> message).
* Corrected fails of license check on timezones different than Europe/Madrid. Now works globally.
* dumpattachment command now uses avatar name as output folder.
* findobjects, showeventdetails and searchevents commands now returns output to instant message.
* import command now takes lot less time to work, and imports sculpts with mirror or inside-out properties correctly.
* joingroup and key2name commands now also work with group IDs.
* moveto and turnto commands now can also work using an avatar or object instead of just coordinates.
* priminfo command is enhanced to show a lot more of information.
* Renamed giveall command to pay.
* Renamed goto_landmark command to gotolm.
* Revisions are now shown as internal development ones to give a better knowledge of how much work has been employed.
* Rewrote objects window. It can take a lot longer to first appear, but refreshes almost instantly, sees new object instantly, is multithreaded, changes on tp and see more objects and names.
* sendtp command now also allows sending TP to other people.
* Support for 35 new GRIDs.
* Support for Lucky Advent, Lucky CupCake, Lucky Dip, Lucky Present, Lucky Santa, Midnight Mania and Prize Pyramid.
* version command now shows also simulator server version.
* who command now shows the viewer the avatar is using and the correct location when it is sit.
* You can now answer to script dialog boxes (the blue ones). A new window will be opened when an object sends one to the avatar.