Here you can download the last versions of our products as well as their trial versions.

Trial versions


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Freeware products

This products are licensed to use for free. For more information check included documentation.


1.12a for Beos (x86):

Package, ZIPped

1.12a for QNX RTP:

ZIPped, tarball

1.12b for Darwin or Mac OS X (PowerPC)
1.12b for MorphOS
1.12b for Linux/MIPSel with glibc 2.2
1.12b for Playstation 2 Linux

Discontinued products

The following products come without warranty or support of any kind and you should use them at your own risk.

Joliet Volume Access (Spanish)
BeHA: English, Spanish
O.S.G. Works
Zoltrix Rainbow Classic Driver
ARJ 3.10.22 for Playstation 2 Linux

Source code

This is the source code of our open source based products.
For more information about the license check included documentation

SZIP 1.12b source RPM
SZIP 1.12b source tarball
BeHA source
ARJ 3.10.22 source RPM